Version 2.0 Launching June, 18th 2011.

2551 Berlin Tpk.
Newington, CT 06109

860.563.3999 (Now open for 1/2 price immediate appointments with Lara and Maggie... Must mention this offer.)

The band, MIGGS. Played the most important show of their Career. GOOD MORNING AMERICA think about that…. They knew they needed, All ASPECTS, to run Perfectly. Their Management was told, to acquire the Absolute, BEST, in IMAGE PRESENTATION. THE ESSENTIALS GROUP , contacted THE ANGRY CHAIR. Once hired, THE ANGRY CHAIR oversaw every detail pertaining to the bands image.Hair, clothes, accessories, etc. Their performance, that day, has since gone on to become the most powerful “calling card” of their career. Thanks in Large part to the help and guidence provided by The Angry Chair

Nate- ACS Management

These guys have done me right for years now. Love my fro hair, but got sick of it awhile ago and wanted it chemically straightened. Look what they did!!!! Always a great experience and cool people too. best of luck to you guys. Warren

I was referred to The Angry Chair a couple of years ago.Never once did I have to tell them what to do. They immediately suggested and advised as to what they thought would be best, without me ever feeling pressured. I have spent the last few years giving them complete control to do just about whatever they want, and have had so many people stop and ask me "who does my hair?" i cant even count. Erin-

This picture is probablly the 5th or 6th different thing i've had done at The Angry Chair. They've all been on this level but this one is probablly my favorite. Its certainly the one thats got the most buzz about it. Random people stop me to ask where I get my hair done and its been a wicked subject of conversation when I'm hanging out. I've probablly sent 5 or 10 people their way. You guys should freakin pay me lol. Paul

My last 3 appointments at The Angry Chair have probablly totalled 20 something hours. Everytime I go, I give them a HUGE project. I'm suprised some of them can even be done. I've had them strip my hair from colored black to a whole head of hot pink. Made them take my hair back to platinum a few months later. And asked for the platinum and blue picture you see here, at my latest appointment. Any other place would have charged me WAY more or wouldn't have been able to do it at all. These Guys Rock. Nicole

My color was way messed up to start with. I brought some clip-in extensions someone gave me, to my appointment. I wanted them to match my color to the extension color so I could have them look Totally natural. The Angry Chair colored my hair to look EXACTALLY like the color of these extensions. Michele

I LOVE MY HAIR. everybody comments on the pink (of course) but the real story is the blonde. I've been to a ton of places trying to get that light, this is the only place that got it right. THEN, the pink, you gotta be kiddin me!!! I'm almost sick of people complimenting my hair.Their great there. Dagmara

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